Our trip to St. John’s Church

Today, we went to St John’s Church and we got there by walking. It was only a little walk. Everybody was very noisy, happy and loud.

When we got there, we sat down on some brown chairs. Captain Tim was there waiting for us as we sat down. At first, it was very quiet.

Also, we got to explore the big Church and we saw a room where Captain Tim got changed in his clothes. His clothes were black and white. When we explored, we saw a rock that was big and shaped like a square. It was used for christening people.

After, he told us some facts about God, Jesus and Christians too. He told us that people wanted to kill God because they did not like the words he said. The glass windows had pictures of God and other people. They were coloured red, yellow and gold.

By Isabella and Leyla 😀

Year 3 and Year 4’s trip to St. John’s Church

Class 3 and Class 4 went to St John’s Church on Thursday 9th July 2015. We walked there and we were in partners. When we were outside of St John’s Church, we saw Captain Tim wearing a white and black robe. Mr Bellingham, Miss Bryce, Miss Wilson, Mrs Clark, Mrs Eve and Miss Kelley were the teachers that came with us.

When we got inside, we sat on brown, wooden seats. They were in rows. When we sat down, Captain Tim let us ask questions. After we asked a few questions, we went and explored around the Church to look at the features and think of interesting things to ask about.

By Taya and Jaimie

St. John’s Church 😇😇 ⛪️⛪️⛪️

First, we walked to St. John’s church and our partners were Milli and Jaimie. When we got to the Church, Captain Tim was waiting for us.

Our class was not the only class that went on the trip. Class 4 also went. Of course, some teachers came and they were Mr Bellingham, Miss Kelley, Mrs Eaves and some others too.

When we arrived, we explored around the Church and after that, we asked some questions to Captain Tim; most of them were really good.

By Ruby and Jasmine 😍😘😇😇


St. John’s Church

We walked to St John’s church. We walked with Class 4 with partners and teachers. We explored inside the church. When we got there, there was a trolley with food and things like that in. There were food and drinks and they were plastic.

We asked questions to Captain Tim and we found out that Jesus wanted to die for us to live like ordinary people. We found a font and stained glass windows. Captain Tim told us about the stained glass windows and the colours of the rainbow.

By Natalia

St. John’s Church

We walked to St John’s Church with Year 4. The teachers who came with us were: Miss Clark, Miss Bryce, Mr Bellingham, Miss Kelley and Miss Wilson. Captain Tim chatted to Class 3 and Class 4 and then we explored. Then, we asked questions about Christians, God and Jesus. Next, Year 4 asked questions about how Jesus got fish and bread. We looked as the glass stained windows too. We then walked back to school.

by Connor and Millie 😀😀😀😀😀

Tropical butterfly house

Getting on the bus we were sat in front of Logan and George and we were chatting.  When we got there we put our lunch bags on the stag then we looked around then some of our class got wet then we went into the butterfly house then we saw lots of butterflies they we colourful. Then we went out of the butterfly house then we saw guinea pigs,lemurs and peacocks. Then we went back in the butterfly house then we soor snakes and a  beetle then we went for lunch.for lunch Mr Dougill gave me a chocolate bar it was very nice ‘YUMMY’. Then we went to the play park then we went the gift shop then we came back then we played on the slide and played on the football pitch. It was lots of fun then we went back on the bus.

by Millie and Tissy







The butterfly house

On Monday we went on our school trip.We went to the butterfly house.It was so much fun!!!We went to the the gift shop and there was good stuff in there.Jasmine bought Emily something.Emily got a lizard and Jasmine got a snake.We went in the butterfly house it was so hot in the butterfly house but we held a snake and a cockroach.It was a hissing cockroach.We also had a little talk about them.We went in a room to see lemurs and two of them escaped!! One was in the guinea pig area and the other was in the turtle cage.We went in a room to eat our lunch, it was a disco room really.We sat on the floor but it was still fun.We played football on the park but Mr B kicked the ball over the fence.He was  embarrassed.

by Emily and Jasmine

Trip to the buttfliy house

This week we went to the butterfly house.We went on a bus to the butterfliy house.It was really hot in it.

Soking wet

Sometimes when people touched certain buttens it squirted water.Every time someone pressed the butten we got soking wet. When people got wet it was so much FUN!!!.


Natalia’s favourite animal was the butterflies because one of the butterflies landed on her head.Neve’s favourite animal was meerkat because thay were relly cool.Natalia’s second favourite animal is the giant tortoise because we haven’t seen them before.Neve’s second favourite was the lemurs because two escaped.

Play house

We had so much fun in the play house, it was so much FUN!!!.There were three tall towers and two had slides.